Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Helloooo Earth Peopllle..

Greetings from the SouthWestershire, G here, one half of the Malachai swamp team, just wanted to say how tickled we are that our album is now out and about in America, it's only fair, seeing as you sent us David Hasselhoff, also a quick reminder that we'll be performing at this years South By SouthWest event in Austin Texasville and a couple of tbc's in NYC to boot

Alsoalso, we apologise for any confusion about the name/myspace change thing, we have, as most of you by now have gathered, re-located to Myspace/MalachaiBristol and have dropped the letter K along with all it's belongings in bin-liners at a local hostel for retired digits

New York? what was wrong with the old one? ....oh yeah right

love n' lasagne


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  1. USA : Just caught you LP after reading about it on Pitchfork. I've been waiting long for this sound. Absolutely rampant! A+ production/vibe

    purchasing in multiple formats..